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Putting Garlic in my WHAT?!?


This is a very…interesting subject for me; I hesitate to write about it for a few obvious reasons, but its a tip that I found that actually worked for me and I feel like I shouldn’t withhold it just because it makes me a little bit uncomfortable to discuss.

I recently found myself in a situation where I was living in a new place and was in between health insurance providers for 1 month.  I also found myself dealing with a yeast infection, something I had never experienced before but I know is very common.

As you may know from the overarching title of my blog, I am always looking for new ways to care for myself that revolves less around medications and chemical products and more around natural/home remedies that can be accessed easily and at a fair price.  Considering the additional fact that I didnt even have health insurance at that time (and because I am quite poor), I was really in a bind and needed to find a way to treat myself.   Without being able to afford a doctor visit I couldn’t know for sure that it was in fact a yeast infection and I couldn’t be sure of what medicine I should be using, not to mention the fact that I couldn’t really afford the $40 OTC medication I had discovered at the pharmacy.

What I decided to do first was quite a bit of research on the internet, I read enough until I was at least 90% sure that I had a yeast infection and I was also pretty sure that I had figured out where it came from.

After that I began some research into possible home remedies and I found a few options but not all of them were as feasible as others for me.  For example, methods that involved slathering my lady-parts in yogurt were immediately moved to my list of last-resorts. It just was not so appealing to me even though I know it is a viable option.  The two options that I settled for were involving tea-tree oil and fresh garlic.

Some folks recommended soaking a tampon in a diluted tea tree oil solution and then inserting it, but this proved to be more difficult than I had imagined.  I ended up using a Q-tip to apply the solution a couple of times a day and used the garlic clove method to get rid of the infection within 5 days.

Check out this link for more info: natural solutions for yeast infections

(Disclaimer: Of course, it may not work for everyone and you may want to see a doctor before you try this.  I do believe in the value of good doctors and I believe that a good one will tell you whether or not natural remedies may work for you.)