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What is Included in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit?

So you’re interested in essential oils…

Please feel free to check out my YouTube Video:

Why I Recommend Getting Started with Young Living Essential Oils

What a great way to start to your oil journey, Young living is the WORLD LEADER in Essential Oils!
Gary Young the founder, is the father of distilling oils and he has made a great company to be a part of.


THE KIT you want is called the The Premium Starter Kit and it includes all 11 oils discussed below, a diffuser, 2-2oz packs of Ningxia Red, and a few other goodies!

ALSO it includes a 1-year membership as a whole sale member (=lots of discounts)…Best part about young living, no monthly fee, no monthly purchasing requirement, you don’t have to sell/share, NO COMMITMENTS!

This collection of oils is called the Everyday Oil Collection because you can find a reason to use each of these oils every single day.  These oils are the easiest to incorporate into your lifestyle, hence, why many people choose to start their oil journey with this incredible kit! Not to mention, it’s a great deal at almost 50% off the retail value of the included products. Now onto the wonderful oils!



I love Lemon because of how diverse it is! It’s a good oil to add to your glass of water for flavoring and is a great immune booster as it contains limonene. I also love to use it to clean because it’s an amazing degreaser. I was able to get red nail polish out of a wool rug by just using a few drops of lemon and blotting it out. I love how diverse these oils are! Lemon cleans drinking water and aids in concentration! I also soak my strawberries in lemon oil water because it deep cleans the gunk out of them! SO FRESH! If you have mucus, it helps thin it out when you’re sick!! Lifesaver!!



This oil is most commonly known for it’s relaxing properties. However, it’s important to remember that each person’s DNA is different, and therefore, responds differently to the oils. Lavender is my go to oil for bug bites and for burns because it’s so soothing. I also like to put a few drops in my bath at night with epsom salt to help me unwind. Lavender is considered the swiss army knife of all oils because it has so many uses! Knowledge is power so research what Lavender can do for you! Anxiety anyone?!!



This oil is high in sesquiterpenes, meaning it delivers oxygen to the cells and erases/deprograms maladaptive information in cells. How incredible! I use this oil mixed with a carrier oil on my face because it’s great for skin and I love the way it smells.  It’s also great for boosting your immune system!



An interesting fact about this oil is that it is an enhancer, meaning that it enhances the properties of other oils! You can layer it on top of other oils or add it to a capsule to increase the benefits of the other oils while experiencing the great qualities of Copaiba itself. I add this oil to a spoonful of honey when I have a sore throat and it really helps to soothe it.


T H I E V E S Blend

This oil is a crazy immune booster! I love to diffuse this when someone around the house is sick in order to clean the air while boosting our immune systems. Thieves is also incredibly numbing as is contains clove oil, so it’s great to apply topically to a sore throat or dilute and use on a teething babies gums. Young Living makes an entire product line just from this oil! From toothpaste, cleaning products, fruit soak, to laundry detergent!

STORY OF THIEVES ::During the Bubonic Plague, four thieves went from house to house to rob those who had succumbed to the illness. After the thieves were captured and tried for their acts of robbery, a judge offered leniency if they would share how they were able to be around those afflicted long and often enough to rob them but not be affected by the illness. They shared their recipe of a combination of herbs and spices, and the king posted it throughout the land.

It’s interesting to note here that, during this time of the plague striking Europe, physicians were seen wearing long black robes, wide brimmed hats, and masks that appeared to have a beak. The reason for doing this is that the masks were said to have contained a combination of herbs, spices, and essential oils that the physicians would breathe in order to keep themselves safe from those afflicted with the illness. Their long black robes were also said to be doused in a similar fragrant concoction and current research continues to build upon this theory.



Panaway smells like a mix between Bengay and root beer.  This one is great for soothing your muscles and joints after a workout.  For enhanced effect, layer Peppermint on top of Panaway with a hot compress!  It’s amazing!

I had my knee pop out of socket because I’m a dancing fool! This oil was a lifesaver in healing my knee when everything else covered up my pain like a bandaid.


P U R I F I C A T I O N Blend

This is my go-to for neutralizing odors. When I put it in my diffuser it makes everything smell fresh and clean. I also like to hang a diffuser necklace from my rear view mirror and add a drop of purification.

Tip: It also contains Tea Tree which repel lice! Also my go to for bug bites and bug spray compared to OFF.


R.C. Blend

It is incredible for supporting your respiratory system.   I used to use Vick’s vapor rub for chest coughs but I read the ingredients and backed off completely. Now, I use R.C. topically on my chest or in the diffuser to break up mucus.  I also love to add it to a washcloth and place the washcloth under a hot shower head to make a steam room at home!


D I G I Z E  Blend

When you have an upset stomach, you should be asking for Digize! 1 drop in the belly button makes you feel better in minutes. If I know I’ll be eating a lot of dairy or sugar I like to take some Digize in a capsule to support my digestive system.


S T R E S S  A W A Y Blend

This is my Monday oil for sure! The name speaks for itself as I love to use this in high pressure moments in my social working life!  When I know I have a busy day I like to apply a drop to my wrists and behind my ears. The smell is so soothing and makes me feel happy. I also put it on my diffuser bracelet and my kid clients love to smell it because it soothes them as well!



Peppermint oil has a fresh, energizing aroma that is perfect to inhale before a workout, before taking a test, or on road trips – any time a boost to your performance is desired. Inhale peppermint oil before a meal and you may find you feel like eating less!

Apply a couple of drops of peppermint oil on your shoulders or feet and follow with cool, wet washcloth to help yourself stay cool on a hot summer day. Apply a drop or two of peppermint oil diluted in V6 oil on muscles after exertion. Massage a drop or two of peppermint oil on the temples, forehead, and back of neck to soothe everyday tensions and discomforts.

Add a drop of Peppermint Vitality oil to water to support healthy digestion. Add a drop of peppermint oil to Young Living’s chocolate Pure Protein Complete shake to make a “chocolate thin mint” shake! You can also take a few drops internally in homemade capsules to help optimize digestive health.

Go online to Google or Pubmed and type in “peppermint oil” to learn more about what science has revealed about this powerful plant!


N I N G X I A   R E D

In your starter kit, are 2-2oz packs of Ningxia Red!  I take 1 oz. of this drink every morning to support my immune system and overall health.  Ningxia red taste so good especially with a drop of citrus fresh oil in it! Taste like candy! Made from the Wolfberry from Ningxia, China! The people in Ningxia live over 100 years old without canes, glasses, or health problems! Gary Young wanted the secret, they told him its in the berries so he made this delicious drink!!

S O   M U C H   M O R E   T H A N   O I L S !  

Young Living is about a lifestyle of health, so feel free to check out all of their products ranging from oil-infused cleaners to skin-care to supplements!  We truly have it all!

My two personal must-haves other than the oils are Young Living’s probiotic, Life5 and Ningxia Red! I take both daily! (if you haven’t done your research on a probiotic, you should, everything in your body is linked to your gut health!)

Essential Rewards is totally your choice and you do not have to commit at all if you want to be a young living member! If you find yourself loving the products and are ordering every month, sign up, so you can receive the benefits and the points towards free products!!


Once you sign up you will be added to 3 groups, oilsistas and the oilybatch and my personal team “The Oil Changers” on Facebook so you can continue your education about youngliving, oils, and how to transform your health! Get started today!!

Email: so you can transform your health!!! YAY!

Or visit my other Blog posts to get more info on:

Why I Am In Love with Young Living

How to Get YOUR Premium Starter Kit

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Many People are so quick to turn to modern day medicines but turn their noses up at essential oils. Modern medicine these days are man made and added with synthetics and chemicals that are supposed to help the symptoms that we are dealing with, Young Living Essential oils are completely nature made (from plants) and have no chemicals, synthetics, or additives and your immune system can never build up a tolerance to them since they are nature made, mother nature doesn’t have two rainstorms exactly alike, or wind or seasons. It is constantly changing making the plants slightly different every single time. They are truly amazing and your health is in your hands!!



Instructions for Getting Started with Young Living

Click Here to Sign Up Now!!!

Choose Your Premium Starter Kit

  • For the most economic option I recommend the dewdrop diffuser, however, if you buy one of the upgraded diffusers during enrollment this will save you a lot of money rather than signing up and deciding later to buy an upgraded diffuser at wholesale pricing.
  • Step 2 is the Essential Rewards program OPTIONAL kits.
    • I usually recommend skipping this option as your starter kit will come with enough great oils to keep you satisfied for a while! You can sign up for Essential Rewards later for free after purchasing your premium starter kit.
    • ER is a program where you earn points for free oils from your purchases- however, to remain enrolled in ER you have to make at least 1 purchase at 50PV (personal volume, usually 1PV per dollar) per month. If you are not an ER member there is no monthly purchase requirement. You must only make 1 purchase of 50PV per year to keep a membership active and to keep your 24% discount. I will provide more info on ER program in a later post but please contact me with any questions. — go to next step if not interested in ER kit
    • Hit next at bottom of screen, a popup will appear asking if you’re sure you don’t want to enroll in autoship program- click on CONTINUE ENROLLMENT.
  • Or add additional products, you can search cedarwood for example and click add then continue…

Fill Out Membership Information

  • Fill out membership information and create a sign-in which you’ll need to save. You’ll log in with this info any time you want to order more oils or check an order.
  • Under Commission Processing Information click Individual and enter your SSN. Some people don’t like giving this info out, but just in case you decide to share or sell the products later, this will only be used to send you tax documents. You NEVER are required to sell as a member.  You can now skip this step but you will have to give them this information later on if you decide to sell the products so that they can send you the appropriate tax documents.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and hit continue for shipping and payment information. Finalize these details, review your order (and add products if you would like so as not to pay for any extra shipping) and Confirm!


  • You’ll now receive wholesale pricing on all orders and you can use your own login to order!
  • I am always there for any questions, comments, or concerns! Don’t hesitate to contact me for anything and/or pass my info along to your friends and family!
    • Caroline Dewey #10831456


Also! When you sign up you get added to a private Oil Sistas group on Facebook which has grown to over 11,000 people. Its a great place to learn, ask questions and share testimonies and is pretty much a constant forum of conversation about oils! You can turn the notifications off if you want**remember** it gets to be a lot because there is 11,000 of us!

If you have any other questions please let me know! I would love to be your oil mentor!! I love to teach people about these amazing oils!!

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Young Living Oils: Essentially in Love

Even though I’ve been using essential oils for a while, I’ve always had this lurking suspicion that a lot of these companies may not be selling quite as “pure” of a product as they claim. Same goes for a lot of “all-natural” cleaning and skin care products. Even the term “organic” is often thrown around where it shouldn’t be sometimes…
The good news is that I’ve finally done the research and am proud to announce that I am really happy with what I found! I am so excited to be getting started on my journey with Young Living because they have 20 years of incredible service, an awesome mission, and an amazing line of products.
Here’s some basic info for all you newbies!

1. What’s in it for a Wholesale Member?

  • 24% off regular retail prices on oils, cleaning products, skin care, supplements, etc.
  • NO monthly or annual fee!
  • NO purchasing requirement – back out any time with no fuss, simply stop buying stuff!


2. Why go for the Premium Starter Kit?
  • Approximately 50% off retail price for:
    • Dewdrop Diffuser
    • 11 different Every Day Oils & Blends
      • Frankincense
      • Stress Away Blend
      • Lemon Vitality
      • Thieves Vitality Blend
      • Panaway Blend
      • Lavender
      • Copaiba Vitality
      • Peppermint Vitality
      • Purification Blend
      • R.C. Blend
      • Digize Vitality Blend
    • Two 2-oz packages of the delicious Ningxia Red supplement/energy drink
    • Tools & samples for sharing oils
    • And a few other goodies!
    • Total = $160 (plus taxes and shipping) – This is a great investment in your health and wellness that is bound to be worth it.
  • These 11 oils & blends are called Everyday Oils for a good reason. They are so versatile and so accessible — within my first FOUR days of receiving my kit I had already cracked open every single one of them.  Some of them I diffused, some I added to my water, some I applied to my skin, and some I used to make a cleaning spray for my house!
  • What if you really don’t want to spend that much right now? Or what if you really just want a specific item?
    • You can buy items separately at retail prices but you won’t get the 24% wholesale discount.  Of course, if you get the kit now, you will probably be glad that you did and then you can focus on your favorites in the future and still get the discount.
    • There are other kits to choose from (the cheapest is $45) but honestly, the premium kits are the absolute best value for your money.  Each of those 5ml bottles has 100 drops in it, so if you used just four drops per day of any of those oilsthis one kit could last you for almost a year! (11 bottles x 100 drops each / 4 drops per day = 275 days)
      • To be fair, its probably not going to last you that long, because you’ll probably be so excited and find so many uses for them all and will be sharing them too.  But the principle of the matter is that this $160 worth of oil goes a very long way!
    • If you REALLY don’t want to get the premium starter kit because you want just one thing and don’t want to pay retail prices, contact me and we will see what we can do.
3. Sharing vs. Selling
I do not sell Young Living products !
All I do is share the information so that you can save 24% with the wholesale discount and buy whatever you want directly from the people who make these amazing products.  And of course, once you fall in love with them you are free to share them also!
You DO NOT have to sell OR share if you don’t want to! 
When you sign up to buy as a wholesale member you are automatically listed as a distributor so that just in case you decide to tell someone else about the products, you don’t have to scramble to figure out how to get them signed up, it’s all taken care of.

However if for any reason you REALLY don’t want to be involved in sharing as a distributor you can always just give people my contact info and/or my ID number: 10831456.

4. What is the Essential Rewards Program?

  • This is a really great program that helps you to get even more discounts and freebies through a monthly autoship program.  If you start to use the products regularly, like most of us do, this will definitely be worth your while.  But I suggest starting of with the Premium Starter Kit and then you can always join Essential Rewards for free at any time.  –More on this in a separate blog post soon!



Step-by-Step Instructions for Getting Started with Young Living

Young Living Website

Seed to Seal Promise

My ID Number: 10831456
(You can input this number when it asks for your Enroller and Sponsor information)