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Still Doin’ It!

baking sodavinegar

First of all, I just wanted to give a tiny recap to say that I am still shampoo (and conditioner) free!  I’m washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar a few times a week and my hair is happier than ever.

I realized however, that I really liked the title of this blog and I didn’t want to just waste it all on the No-Poo Method.  There are so many other little things that I do and learn about that I’d love to share with you.


Just to start things off, I will offer a small gem, and on the same topic of hair care… Aloe is a magical plant!  I LOVE to use it in my hair.  Every once in a while you can harvest that amazing substance and rub it all over your hair.  Leave it in for half an hour or so and then rinse it all out.  And voila!  VERY HAPPY HAIR!

aloe harvest

This is of course the short-short version of an Aloe tutorial because there are SO many great uses for it, but maybe we can talk about that more later.  I will mention though that it is also a MIRACLE WORKER as a topical ointment for cold sores/fever blisters/ HSV-1.


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Day 29 of The “No-Poo” Method

So here we are at Day 29 and this means that I have only two days left of washing my hair with just water.

My hair is definitely more oily than it used to be when I was stripping it with chemicals every day.  But It also used to look disgusting and greasy after a mere two days of not washing it.  It would get stringy and would be obviously unclean and that is very different from what I am experiencing now.  My natural curliness is coming out now in a way that I have NEVER seen it without having to use product and scrunching repeatedly all day long.  I think it looks quite nice now and I don’t think that anyone can tell that I haven’t technically washed my hair in two weeks!

I have still been brushing my hair every day, especially while I’m rinsing in the shower, but have not had any problems with tangles at all, which is great.  I’m enclosing a picture here for today and will write again after I’ve washed with baking soda and apple cider vinegar again on friday.


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Day 24 of The “No-Poo” Method

Well, I have now been washing with just water for the past seven days already and I am neither disgusting nor am I dead.

My hair is definitely more curly than it used to be when I would wash it every day with shampoo and it is also more oily, but I’m really not dissatisfied at all, and I don’t think anyone who I meet even suspects that I have given up shampoo.  I am brushing it every day and also still brushing it in the shower after I scrub my scalp vigorously with my fingertips, but I have not had any issues with tangles or matting thus far.

And to be honest, when it comes to the increased oil in my hair, it actually isn’t so bad and is starting to feel a lot more normal to me.  Its as if I’m realizing that my hair is supposed to feel like a living extension of myself, rather than like the silky / stringy barbie doll hair that I got so used to playing with as a child.

I also must say that I am really excited at how quickly my hair is growing, both in thickness and in length!  This is probably mostly due to how much more attention i am putting into brushing and massaging the scalp on a daily basis, but it probably is only helped by the fact that i gave up those nasty chemicals!

You can see for yourself with this photo, but I’d say that I’m in pretty good shape as of now.  (Still one more week of washing with JUST WATER though, so we’ll see if my attitude adjusts at all over the next few days.)


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Day 19 The “No-Poo” Method

So, today is day 19 which technically means that I should have been using ONLY WATER to wash my hair for the past five days.  Unfortunately I had to extend the first portion of this little experiment for an extra few days because I had an interview and could not risk looking greasy…

It has now been two days since my last Baking Soda / Cider Vinegar washing and I have been washing with just water since then.  So far, not so bad.  My hair is more oily, but it’s also just got more of its natural curl going for it now, which i happen to like a lot.  I definitely do not LOOK greasy, but my hair is a bit more oily to the touch than I am used to, for sure.  But so far, definitely not unbearable at all.